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Cherokee Language Classes ONLINE



These online classes are really good and I don’t know if anyone will come across this post but if anyone out there is wanting to learn Cherokee and can’t make it to an actual class, this guy does a really good online class (I had taken the first group of classes, and lost all…

I’m sorry I didn’t realize that this post would be still found but I am glad people are still interested! Here is a new link (I believe) for online language classes. Please let me know if this link is dead.


"Entitled “Invite” by Maxine Noel. She is an extremely gifted artist, internationally renowned for her exquisite fluid lines, vivid imagery and subtle colours. For Noel, “Art is the purest and truest expression of an individual. in it are all manners of things one is not always able to express verbally.” A visionary elder gave Maxine Noel her Sioux name – Ioyan Mani – shortly after birth. It means to walk beyond and walk beyond she does. Maxine Noel is a Santee Oglala Sioux, born in 1946 on the Birdtail Reservation in southwestern Manitoba. The eldest of 11 children, she spent her early childhood amidst the positive reinforcements of a loving mother and grandmother on a quiet reserve. There she learned how to draw. Residential school was a part of every young Aboriginal person’s life, bringing with it the struggles of submersion of the native spirituality and culture. Maxine feels that strength, enrichment and positive results came from the struggle.” (Alberta Native News)

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