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~~*~*~*~*~ buggie follower appreciation giveaway ~~~**~*~*~~*~**~

i haven’t done a giveaway in a while and i know i promised you all one so i’ll keep this short!!! this giveaway includes:

  • backpack
  • copy of the book catcher in the rye
  • hemp fold-out wallet
  • amber blush body cream from B&BW (never used)
  • pop beauty eyeshadow trio “smokin’ hot” (never used)
  • be a bombshell “the one stick” in “flustered” (never used)
  • and a handwritten note and some stickers from meeEEEeEeeEee

this is for my followers, so you must be following me if you want to win!! just reblog and like to enter!!! this ends in one week!!! good luck baby bugs <3~*~~*~

ends april 11th!!!

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